What is Carbon Capture and Storage?

Dr Noel Simento: "CCS is the capture and storage of carbon dioxide.  So when you generate power you do so by burning coal and when you burn coal in air, then the resulting gas consists mainly of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and a few other contaminants.  That carbon dioxide has to be separated from the nitrogen, if you’re firing the cool in air, then that carbon dioxide has to be taken away and stored.  There are technologies where you don't burn the carbon in air, but you burn it in oxygen and when you do so you will then create a much purer stream of carbon dioxide that you can take away for storage.  So the technologies or the processes that we use, to separate the carbon dioxide and to store it, is what people refer to as CCS."

Categories: Carbon Capture and Storage, Coal in Australia, Energy Choices, Industry
Author: Dr Noel Simento
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