Carbon transport and storage

Dr Noel Simento: "Storage is a separate technology on it’s own, so very often it’s referred to as transport and storage, because you have to compress the carbon dioxide and transport it in a pipeline before you inject it into the sub surface for storage.  To do that you have to find the right geology, you have to know the types of reactions that might occur in the sub surface and you have to understand the size of the containment area you’ve got and also the security of the containment, so all of that work, which needs to be done with relevance to carbon dioxide that comes from power generation.  As I said before the oil and gas industry has been injecting these type of fluids into the sub surface for decades, but they don't do it at the volumes that you need to do it for power generation."

Categories: Carbon Capture and Storage, Coal in Australia
Author: Dr Noel Simento
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