Australia wealth is built on foreign investment

Martin Ferguson: "Australia’s very lucky, we’re a northern nation, we’re a trading nation, huge in geographic size, small in population, 24 million.  Our economic development has been built on the back of foreign investment.  That actually means so-called big opening businesses have to invest in Australia, and take the risk for their shoulders, more often than not create wealth, but in the meantime create wealth for Australia and create jobs.  Well I think that’s not a bad outcome.  And I find a lot of the NGOs who are critical of these business houses are the ones always running the arguments about how we should suspend the wealth, more on healthcare, more on dental care, more on childcare, more on education.  Well let’s be real, government does not create that wealth.  The responsibility of government is to run a strong economy, get the economic fundamentals right and attract more investment from both big and overseas companies which create jobs and wealth for Australia.  Where would we be without private investment?"

Categories: Economy, Government, Jobs, Resources & Economy
Author: Martin Ferguson AM MP
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