Australians haven’t appreciated their cheap power

Quentin Dempster: "Australia has had the great benefit of having some of the greatest reserves of black and brown coal in the world. Australians I don’t think appreciate that we have had the cheapest, about the cheapest electricity powered generation in the world. Other countries, they have to pay the people of other countries, have to pay a hell of a lot more than Australians have paid. In recent years it’s been ratcheted up a bit because of the costs of transmission, the poles and wires, as we call them, and there’s starting to be an issue about electricity prices with other cost pressures on the household.  But Australia, not only through the cheapness of the domestic generation of electricity, but through the coal export has been substantially advantaged because we’ve got so vast reserves of coal – brown coal and black coal."

Categories: Coal in Australia, Economy, Energy Choices, Energy Concerns, Global Markets
Author: Quentin Dempster
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