Carbon Capture and Storage works

Dr Richard Aldous: "Carbon capture and storage is a technology that does work.  The oil and gas industry have been injecting carbon dioxide deep into the sub-surface for many many decades to get more oil out of the ground typically.  It’s also been used to just dispose of CO2 where there’s been a price, for example, on carbon.  In Norway in the 1990s a price was introduced on carbon.  And as a result of that one of the oil companies there, STAT Oil, elected to inject CO2 as a product of their gas production process.  And that’s been going on now for over 15 years.  We’ve got a good experience in understanding how the CO2 has been behaving in the sub-surface.  But there are a number of projects around the world that are now in in production or in construction as this technology starts to get deployed."

Categories: Carbon Capture and Storage, Coal in Australia, Environment & Climate, Global Markets, Industry
Author: Dr Richard Aldous
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