Activists ignore logic and reason

Keith Orchison: "I think one of the most irritating things about the public debate is that many of the people who attack the fossil fuel industries on ideological grounds seem either unwilling or incapable of addressing the consequences.  I have a habit, when I do public speaking, of saying to audiences at the end of my little rant, and therefore what?  And this is the question that needs to be posed to the people who have got rather radical views of where we should go.  What are the consequences of going down that road?  There are people who argue that we should have 100% renewable electricity, we are talking about a capital cost of perhaps half a trillion dollars, $500 billion and enormous impact on manufacturing, commerce, law business, before you even get to household budgets.  It's all very well to hold this view but imposing it comes with consequences and the debate, unfortunately, seems to skitter around the issue of consequences."

Categories: Activism, Australia Energy Issues, Economy, Energy Choices, Resources & Economy
Author: Keith Orchison AM
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