Protecting the Great Barrier Reef

Brad Fish: "Three of our ports, Hay Point, Mackay, Abbot Point are within the Great Barrier Reef.  And two of those ports are coal export ports, Hay Point and Abbot Point.  There’s no way in the world my organisation North Queensland Bulk Ports or the Queensland or Australian Governments are going to permit that the safety or the future wellbeing of the Reef can be jeopardised in any manner whatsoever.  North Queensland Bulk Ports we’ve been collecting and analysing data and environmental studies with respect to our ports for well over 20 years now.  We have probably one of the best databanks and study bases of any organisation doing this sort of work.  We understand the issues, the impacts that our developments have on the Great Barrier Reef and its environs.  And we ensure our developments as they go forward minimise that impact as far as possible all the way through, and actually can work hand in hand with the Great Barrier Reef and its ongoing future."

Categories: Environment, Great Barrier Reef
Author: Brad Fish
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