Coal literally provides building blocks

Neville Sneddon: "The fundamental building blocks of our whole culture are steel, cement, concrete and aluminium. They are a very large part of the building we’re sitting in, and coal supplies all three really. Cement, concrete – concrete itself actually comes from a mixture of aggregates and fly ash from power stations and cement that’s made with coal. Steel is made basically by combining iron ore and coal. This building again, as I say, is built on coal, and I agree with you. I don’t think there’s a, in our society, a sufficient link between those things. And partly that’s because I don’t think we actually teach our children that that’s where these things come from anymore. We teach them all sorts of things but … and a lot of that’s wonderful stuff, but we’ve gone away from teaching them the fundamentals of our economy and our culture."

Categories: Australia Energy Issues, Economy, Metallurgical Coal, Resources & Economy
Author: Neville Sneddon
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